Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Teeth trouble

I've always had a sweet tooth and when it comes to "treating myself" before I became pregnant I'd always go for the sweet option instead of the savoury one... But I never thought that having a sweet tooth would cause me to lose two teeth - yes I said two teeth -during my first pregnancy and result in me being off work with a bacterial mouth infection and having to cope with the horrible side effects of the anti biotics. 

To say I'm frustrated is an understatement. I want to be in work. So far this year it's not actually that bad. I now (for the first time since working there) have a head of department who is employed by the school and not the sister school, two lovely new colleagues and there's a hell of a lot more organisation than in previous years. 

 Some of you may think "ah don't worry about it." They can't touch you as you are off with a pregnancy related illness but it's not about that. As a teacher when you are off for a short period of time you still have to set cover work. You still have to plan what you are going to teach - even though you are not physically there - so in a way it's actually much better psychologically if you do go in no matter how you are feeling because at least you know you are (A) not letting the kids down. (B) Not putting extra stress or work into your colleagues and (C) you know that that the work you set will be done.

But at the same time you wrestle with the fact that you are indeed entitled to be ill. No matter what you do for a living we all get ill from time to time. After all as one close friend (who is also a teacher) said to me. "You didn't ask to be ill" and how true she is. So. I'm going to continue to rest as much as I can and be bored titless by daytime TV until I feel well enough to go back in and check to see if the cover work that I did set whilst off was done, face the concerned questions from students and colleagues about where I've been and get on with the endless marking because after all there's two of us to think about now. 

And I have to look after myself and my unborn baby. 

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