Monday, 14 September 2015


One of the main things that I am struggling to get used to now I'm pregnant is the strange aversion to the foods that I once loved.

Take yesterday for example. Mum made me a lovely lasagne for tea. I wolfed it down and then proceeded to puke it all up soon after. 

A one off? I was certainly hoping. Fast forward to this morning. I thought I'd forgo my usual "safe option" of toast and be healthy and have porridge with chopped bananas on top. 

"Yummy." Or so you'd think! Yes. Again it was. Going down. Just not coming back up to say hello ten minutes later (sorry to be so graphic but one thing you will learn as you continue to read my blogs is that I like to say things as they are). 

So what's the solution? 

In this mornings case I left for work minus breakfast but was able to buy some ginger nut biscuits and a small bottle of sprite on my way into work (thanks for the suggestion Lauren). And they seemed to do the trick. At least for now.

As for tonight's tea. Will keep you posted... 

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