Saturday, 26 September 2015

Football fan?

Can't say I am but Steve is a huge West Ham fan. Even though he doesn't get to go to many matches - mainly due to the fact that they are down south and we live up north.. He does make a conscious effort to watch (or listen to) every match.

Therefore it's no surprise that he decided to buy our baby son his first football kit. How cute.

I couldn't help but think though. What if he grows up to hate football or is a complete rebel and decides to support a local northern team? After all it's not the law to support the same team as your dad and uncles. Is it? Or is it?

I personally hope he doesn't and want him to be an avid sports fan (and player). Roll on the days when his daddy can take him to watch (or play football or rugby). We can't wait. 

In the meantime. How cute is this kit? 

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