Friday, 25 September 2015

It's a.....


And me and the other half couldn't be happier. 
After setting off to the hospital slightly later than planned today and nearly not being able to park due to a very full hospital car park.  We eventually made it to the second floor of Whiston Hospital only to then have to wait another ten minutes or so before we went in for the sexing scan. 

I felt a plethora of emotions. Excitement. Anxiety. Would everything be ok? Would I cry? Would Steve hold my hand? Would my bladder hold out until the end of the process after having drunk nearly two pints of water? (It did - just). But all of the emotions in the world cannot prepare you for when the sonographer tells you that baby is healthy. And is a boy!

The only thing she couldn't check was his heart (although we did get to hear his heart beat) because he was lying on his tummy throughout the whole experience. We also found out that he's very camera shy - just like his dad - and will have to go back on the 7th for another try as despite having some time out to stretch my legs and eat some chocolate - to give him the sugar boost he needed to turn round and lie on his back. He didn't! 

Oh well. I can't wait to see him again. 

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