Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Tummy trouble

So the sonographer was finally able to take a photograph of baby T today and more importantly check his heart beat. 

Although I didn't think that she would be able to after the ultra sound experience today started off exactly the same as the one a couple of weeks ago - with my little cherub lying on his tummy at the start of the experience. 

I arrived at the hospital with an hour to spare and proceeded to head straight to WH Smith to grab a huge bottle of Evian and a bar of chocolate. Why I hear you cry? Well in order to have an ultra sound in the first place you need to have a full bladder and experience has taught me that little Thomas loves chocolate - he has a sweet tooth just like his mum - and according to the sonographer who did my scan last time - the sugar should help him to turn over (if indeed he was lying on his belly). Or not in this case. 

I made my way up in the lift to the second floor - or should I say the purple level two. Scanned my letter in - very high tech. And then ventured over to the water machine to dose myself up on even more cups of water before I went in. 

I didn't have to wait long. I was called in. Asked to lie down and could listen to the heart beat straight away! Wow! I could hear my baby's heart beat through a machine! She then showed me the monitor and sure enough baby was lying on his back with his knees up to his chest.

She's checked his measurements. And did all she could do until even she admitted that she didn't know what to suggest. I then offered to go for a walk. She suggested I pop to the loo to now empty my rather full - yet not quite over flowing bladder - and whilst I'm there have a stretch. "Try to touch your toes.."

And low and behold it worked. Well in true Tilbury style - where nothing is ever easy - he managed to turn just enough so that she could check his heart beat - all normal and to take a picture (or three). 

And here's the result. Phew! Happy and healthy. A lovely experience. I'm just disappointed that that's it now. No more ultra sounds (as i'm a low risk pregnancy) but lots of appointments.

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