Monday, 18 January 2016

Hit me like a ray of son...

It's amazing what hits you and at what time in your pregnancy.

I'm just walking to the train station to get the train to the hospital for a fetal growth scan when it occurs to me that I won't actually be doing this for much longer. 

No silly. I don't mean I won't ever be getting the train again. Or indeed walking! I mean that in less than a month (or indeed whenever little fella decides to show his face) we will never be parted.

Well I wouldn't say never. Ever. But for quite a long time we will be doing everything together. He will always be with me. Whether it's train journeys.. Toilet trips or even just chilling in the living room one thing is for sure I will never be alone again. And that's a scary and exciting thought -especially for a fiercely independent mum to be. 

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